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is at our throat right now and murders our people. they wish they could murder as many of us as they could. the other threat is an emerging china that is an incredibly totalitarian powers still. we were promised that they would moderate the rate they still have this horrible dictatorship. they would still make some a threat. we have these threats to deal with. we have this administration. we have many republicans as well pushing russia away, still thinking about russia as it was during the cold war. this is no good for the cause of peace or for us. >> is a possible you are being a little naÏve? russia is hosting edward snowden. the most damaging leaker in american history. >> this is what he did by alerting the american people to over surveillance on the part of our own government, of our population to call him a traitor, he was being loyal to the rest of us by letting the american people know their government was getting out of hand. when our government suggest that it has to keep a record of every phone call every citizen makes in order to protect does, it has gone too far. the fact tha
several months is people casually using words like "spying," "snooping." does anybody think general alexander wants to snoop on america? i think that demeans the whole political dialogue and that's why i wish the president would be more outgoing and defend the n.s.a. a lot more than he did. this has really bane sland or the thousand of good men and women who every day dedicate their thrives our country and particularly general alexander, who is as patriotic as anyone i have ever met in government or
and it can go wherever it wants to go? everyone who has donated to it could use it, host it, share it. >> for quite a great deal of team she was hired in 2005, she struggled with finding the correct and appropriate visual expression. >> it was a bench at one point. it was a darkened room at another point. but the theme always was a theme of how do we call people's attention to the issue of speci species extinction. >> many exhibits do make long detailed explanations about species decline and biology of birds and that is very useful for lots of purposes. but i think it is also important to try to pull at the strings inside people. >> missing is not just about specific extinct or endangered species. it is about absence and a more fundamental level of not knowing what we are losing and we need to link species loss to habitat loss and really focuses much on the habitat. >> of course the overall mission of the academy has to do with two really fundamental and important questions. one of which is the nature of life. how did we get here? the second is the challenge of sustainability. if we a
and establish within our city contracts that the companies that do service for us do not own the data that they generate from us, that they will have a contractual obligation to share that with the city so that we can mine that to the rest of the city, that's advance of opportunities for everybody. i know at the heart of sharing this data, there is going to be a lot more jobs created, a lot more people out therein venting new ways to establish small businesses that will improve the way we live and work and play in the city. and we look forward to great events like a super bowl host or something like that, we're going to be able to give people a really rich amount of programs that they could access from here to santa clara to san jose. we can act regionally with our data and we can join and continue to be in the great city of san francisco. so, i want to thank all of the people, all of the different starting up companies here and those that are inventing with us, thank them for celebrating innovation month in such a exemplary way. and i think we're going to have a lot more to announce
). >> so they were forced to make their own instruments. >> (speaking spanish). >> so they use the surroundings and big jars and they used to have water or other type was drinks. >> (speaking spanish). >> covered with leather skin. >> (speaking spanish). >> and they make the drums. >>. >> (speaking spanish). (drums). (applause). >> (speaking spanish). >> this instrument is called dungo. >> spr (speaking spanish). >> we have two but only one was used. >> (speaking spanish). >> this is one that was used north of the capital. >> (speaking spanish). >> in the cities of the country >> (speaking spanish). >> when he was a child he was able to see those instruments and on extension today. (drums). (applause) . >> this is a donkey's jaw. it could be a horse or a donkey. >> donkey's jaw. >> and it's played by spiking it and to make the rattle sound and also creates this. (applause). >> (speaking spanish) sorry. (speaking spanish). >> this is the kahita and it is created as the -- i don't know that word. how do you say that? the piggy bank. you know where the boxes and the churches
. thanu for being with us. washington has become an ent mow logical wonderland for the obama administration seems to be more obsessed with semantics and sentence con trucks than to capture a killing of terrorists. washington -- while dismissing any sense of proportion when it comes to radical islamists and the war on terror. and for all of that, this was a red letter day. president obama's mantra that al qaeda is on the run today proved wrong yet again. you are looking at pictures of yemen where government officials uncovered an al qaeda plot to capture oil and gas facilities, to fire on foreign embassies, to seize -- news of the foiled plot breaking as the united states is stepping up its drone attacks there. killing at least seven al qaeda terrorists in the southern part of the country. in the broader plot that led to the closings of 19 embassies and facilities and 16 countries still acted tonight with no indication that the threats have in any way diminished. here is state department spokesperson jen saki on the closings and the alerts. >> our embassy remains closed. we're
embassies. and a look at u.s. russia relations after the announcement that president obama has canceled his meeting with russian president vladimir putin. that is all next on "washington journal." ♪ is sunday,orning, it august 11 come up 20 13. it is today, resident obama began his week long vacation at martha's vineyard. today we will be discussing the state of u.s. relations with dive intoking a deep u.s. job numbers, and talking about recent al qaeda threats. before we do that we want to hear about the state of news media from our viewers. the pew research center's -- you research center released its biannual data and while there is still plenty of criticism about the industry, most americans continue to believe the media plays an important watchdog role. as we take you through that reports this morning, we want to hear your thoughts. he of us a call. we split our lineup -- we split our lines up by age group. you can also catch up with us on all of your favorite social media sites, on twitter and facebook. you can also e-mail us at .ww.c-span.org we want to take you to tha
very competitive. >> but everyone should be encouraged to apply. thank you again for hosting us. >> thank you for including us in "culturewire." ♪ . >> a very exciting day for all of san francisco. thank you for being here today. i'm the elected representative i represent district 10. that's the local community. thank you for joining us today. i as well every member that on the stage are happy to be here. it's been a long time coming. we're excited because we're going to be breaking ground for the first block of homes in the shipyard. i would like to recognize mayor ed lee. you may applaud (clapping) >> i also to recognize mayor willie brown (clapping). >> also ms. bonner (clapping). >> by the end of this project will be a leniently and also form supervisor sophie maxwell. >> and we will get to any introduction to the rest of the folks on the instantly. at this time i want to bring up our mc. she's brought the news to our living rooms for years this is ms. pam. (clapping) >> and the journalist she's been inducted into the arts and sciences and she's receives any with regar
a very extensive community participation process. and in addition it is built on the water front land use plan and the san francisco planning department's eastern neighborhood's planning effort. and the port's pier 70 preferred master plan and all of the planning that has been done for the blue green way. and this slide shows some of the key milestones in terms of that process. and in may of 2012, alternate concept plans, and december of 2012, draft park master plan and coast estimate and saving proposal was shared with the public and then in may and june of 2013, the park master plan costs and feedback on that process was shared again with the public. so the port has i mentioned the pier 70 master plan and in this park, the master plan is a subset of that larger effort. and all of the projects that the ports embarking on relative to that master plan were based on a number of goals. and in these include historic preservation, and in the creation of a national register, and historic district. and retention of the existing ship prepare operations, which is known as bae, shipyard. and includ
the government using phone records and e-mails to snoop. now they may be able to use your tv to watch your every move. "cashin' in," watching out for you right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'mer reck bolling. the cashing in crew wayne rogers, jonathan hoenig, michelle field and emily tisch. welcome, everybody. you heard him say he wants robin hood tax on investment transactions. jonathan, there is no spending problem, it's all about taxing. >> yeah. we need to -- this is like willie sutton theory of government. go where the money is. money is in trade. trade iswealth creation. i helps civil people interact through trade, not through force, which is what the representative ellison is advocating for. all trade is productive. high frequency trader or ma and pa ket with the etrade account. he is calling for a tax on trade, which is a tax on production. it widens spreads and it makes it expensive to buy and sell stocks to borrow money and start a business. sorry, one-tenth of 1% is a big amount of money especially with the fed manipulating interest rate to 0%. >> michelle, why is it always let's raise your ta
torrez to join us again on stage, joaquin will be introducing the mayor and if i can ask my fellow committee members to also join us on stage. joaquin. >> thank you very much i have to say as director the mayor's oches of neighborhood services it's refreshing to have a mayor so dedicated to couldn't and it makes my job easier when our people in the community want to feel our elected efficients make our needs and it's in physical presence and i have had the great pleasure of serving under our mayor lee who i would like to make a invite to make a few remarks in honor or of arab heritage month here in san francisco. >> thank you, thank you joaquin, thank you, welcome to our orange city hall. i want to welcome everybody here this fourthth animal america arab month of separation and it's my pleasure to join us here and many of us know that we are such a lucky city, and we are lucky because people around their world make their way to fraction, find hopey until the city they know that we celebrate our diversity and find strength in the different cultures that pretend together and now
of the board of supervisors, all of us wondered why we hadn't done anything there and the mayor thought the same. >> if an earthquake happened, the building was uninhabitable. it sat there vacant for quite a while. the city decided to buy the building in 1999 for $2. we worked and looked at ways that we can utilize the building for an office building. to build an icon i can building that will house a lot of city departments. >> the san francisco public utilities commission has an important job. we provide clean, pristine public drinking water to 2.6 million people in the san francisco bay area from the hetch hetchy regional water system. with also generate clean renewable energy for city services like public buses, hospitals, schools, and much more. and finally, we collect and treat all the city's wastewater and stormwater making it safe enough to discharge into the san francisco bay and pacific ocean. >> in 2006 the puc was planning a record number of projects. >> the public utilities commission is a very infrastructure-rich organization. we're out there rebuilding the water system. we
excited to come into the bay area community. >> you have been quite busy. tell us what has happened in the last couple of weeks. you told us that you were quite busy with what is going on. >> this has been an intense time, not only in the glide community, the san francisco area, larger bay area, but also our nation. we have been at the forefront of conversations concerning everything from issues of marriage equality -- >> uh-huh -- with doma and prop 8 to reflexes on challenges -- reflection, and the trial on george zimmerman. we have announced the importance of thinking about justice and standing up and having serious conversations about tough issues. >> where has that taken you in the community? to speak in different engagements and different community gathering? >> absolutely. these conversations have taken us to the streets which is where glide loves to be, right in the community. >> uh-huh. >> from protests and rallies to demonstrations to town hall gatherings. we have found ourselves right in the thick of the conversation. and we have done so as a glide community with great jo
remember the old water pumps. and the idea here is that we need to use the renewable energy credits to make it cheap enough to compete with pg&e, to get that first small 30 megawatts out of the eventual hundreds of megawatts that we're going to build locally so that we can kick start the program successfully and still compete with pg&e. >> what was your type of concluding thought around? >>> so, here's the deal. ms. malcolm is getting us half of the goal. the thing that's going to get us to the green new deal and make sure that it happens right away is to show that the vision that you all saw from local power of about a billion dollar project over the next 10 years, that's what brings us the green new deal and the union jobs, so show that that can happen. sfpuc is making great progress and is starting to show hundreds of jobs. we can show thousands. and the key to that is that the advocates community has called upon the local agency formation commission to create -- to hold a workshop, a financial workshop in which we will bring experts around california into the financial workshop
forces or which is a little bit different than it used to be and what people realize they are. i want to do so speakers in a moment that a quick thing about what we are going to do today. we are going to have bradley. >> first and mark lomax will talk about the issue and plenty of time for q&a with you all. they also want to note on the cato affiliated web site police misconduct.net we have a rainman -- map that goes through the instances in the details of the story in an ongoing resource for anyone interested in this topic which i think it's all of you. let me briefly introduce her speakers and we will get started. radley balko is the investigator reported for the helping "huffington post" helping of postbreakup or civil liberties in the criminal justice system and he is a former senior editor for reason magazine and his work has been cited by the supreme court. his writing is cited as an excerpt of the mississippi seizing supreme court and has had a direct impact. mark lomax is effective after the national technical association data previously worked in liberia west africa is a prog
using the al qaeda name to build their brand. for washington to announce a grand campaign against them might exaggerate their importance, americanize local grievances and create a global threat that didn't really exist. the terror alerts have probably delighted these small groups for just that reason. the second strategy would be counterterrorism using drones, missiles, special forces and other kinetic tools to disrupt al qaeda-affiliated groups. by anyone's measure, the obama administration has been aggressive on this front. president obama has used more drones each year of his presidency than president bush did in his entire presidency. data gathering, as mr. snowden reminded us. the third possible approach to the threat of terrorism is to try to get local governments to fight the terrorists, but the places that these al qaeda affiliates have sprung up like somalia and yemen are ungovernable. only the u.s. has the technology, missiles and soldiers to disrupt terror plots being hatched in these countries. so you throw the posturing and the politics aside, and you can see that the u.s.
into europe and u.s. but now the chinese trafficking ring that has helped them smuggle has been busted. dozens of suspects are being arrested in spain and france. they are expected to elect their new president following months of political turmoil and war. we take a closer look at vote rigging allegations with a local n.g.o. ramadan has ended in blood shedd in iraq more than 70 killed as car bombs exploded in a cafe and market mainly in baghdad. it has been ravaged by a wave of violence. welcome to "france 24." we will go straight to the top story a human trafficking ring has been busted in spain. 75 suspects have been arrested including two chinese ring ladyers they are uzbekistan -- leaders accused of smuggling migrants into the u.s. and europe. spanish and french police have been working hand in hand during this two-year investigation as we have this report. >> it has taken two years to track them down but these are four of the 75 suspects arrested. 51 were detained in spain including the two alleged operatives of the elaborate chinese trafficking ring. this shows the materials used to forg
in such a way and the u.s. government is getting into this as well. servitude is the notion of loss of choice. upstart we like to think you have more choices, you can do what you want as opposed to feeling what you have to do because you have a lot of student debt. >> dave, first of all, leaving google to do a startup. >> not a lot of people have said that to me, by the way. >> i have a question, who is the ideal candidate for something like this and is there an ideal candidate. >> capital on future potential has broad-based potential. people early in their career who tend to want to do something entrepreneurial, but they have a big burden, student debt or credit card debt, they have freedom to take a chance, pursue something they are excited about. instead of taking that boring corporate job they really don't want. that's the prototypical upstart. >> sounds like an idea that makes perfect sense for bay area and people involved in tech but does this apply to all people in other parts of the country or another company not tech. >> it's not silicon solution at all, stanford or cal, mit, cam bri
be risking their lives as a privilege to service us. so you have to be careful with that. of you're right, david. look, in new york, 95% of every public employee doesn't con trent a nick to their -- contribute a nickel to their retirement. that is not okay. we have to be careful. we have don't need to scrap the programs. we have c't forget about people working the career to respect the pension but time to reform them. >> david: that is the question. how do you do it? detroit won't be the only city that goes bust. >> yeah, the problem is, unless it does file bankruptcy, citys cannot disscrap most of the plans because they he state constitutions that say they can't do that. of the they have to know goshate with thenions to do it. what they should start with is having the 401(k) plans for the new workers and try to get the higher interest rates to annuityize what the obligation has been far and cap it in the future [ the problem is with the public sector unions. they're not beholden to the taxpayers, we who pay the bills. they're beholden on the politicians. politicians rely on them to get
as they are coming anyone who has the sliders, tell us about your relationship. for a long time. tell us how that started and then the life span and have a book about. >> the book took seven years to write. our conversation goes back more than 20. i was on an assignment for a new york magazine. ted had recently arrived in montana, cowboy country. he booted all of the cattle off and raised this turn of those people on a.m. radio. [laughter] and that other network we won't mention tonight. i arrived out there. ted strolled into the room. he was a swagger. at the top of his game. i was a little bit intimidated, not quite as intimidated -- i am not intimidated now, but i was then. and he looked me over and told me that i had 20 minutes for an interview that i thought would last an hour. after sizing me happy is added to give me more time. so that conversation as continued to play out, and i was particularly intrigued at the time of what he wants to accomplish. he has an incredible ability for being able to look into the future and look around corners. he had dinner with media, taking a gate cras
the transference of that information is not appropriate or because it makes us uncomfortable to me reminds us of much of the world around sex up until quite recently as a reproductive tool to gain pleasure from sex was to make a woman is immoral. we craft entire societies around binding women's ability to operate in the world because sex was not about pleasure. there's a lot in this space and i want to applaud you. i also want to say someone asked a question about appropriate drug use. if we want to save lives like we want young people to use condoms properly, thank you very much. >> this event was part of the saw h annual harlem book fair. visit qbr.com. >> next, michael levi argues that instead of viewing our energy future as a fight between clean, renewable energy and traditional fuel sources, americans should figure out a way to develop both and use the rising prices of the latter as a funding source for the former. he spoke at an event hosted by the world affairs council of houston. this is about an hour. >> okay. a couple of weeks ago i did something that hocked my friends -- shocked my
life." that's why at barnes and noble all of us are keeping them in business in their seelelp section. come on, how many of you know we've all tried that? as long as we strong will our actions hard enough, then we will experience the same type of change in our life. but if you're anything like me, i'm just not strong-willed enough to maintain the change. and what we end up doing is feeling guty, we're feeling shame filled, most importantly, as the enemy would desire for every one of us we feel completely frustrated. we're completely fstrated. and we give up on those things and we just feel shamed about it more than anything else and that's because the world just says, "if you just change "your actions, you'll change your life." but what that is is just a surface change. it's just a b behavioral change. the bible sa that way is not enough. in fact, let me show you what it says about trying conform from the outse in. look what it ss in romans 12:2. you can turn in your bible there. see it on the screen? it says, "and do not be conformed to this world," -- everye say, "conforme" wwhat 's
been mind this and have have integrity and have gotten all of us involved, and looked to all of us for advice as they have developed this. they are only going to bring in more residents, and more businesses for us. i can't say enough of when i am on in dog patch, and i have people come into like is this it? and i am like be patient i have been here to eight years it is coming it has been very slow. and i only want things to grow, but this project has the integrity and the intelligence behind it and it is only going to add value for all of us that have been there for a long time. thanks. >> thank you. >> any other public comment on this particular item? >> for that item or the next? >> exactly what she was speaking on but the project. >> yes. go ahead. >> you can step right up if you would like. >> this other mic ma'am. >> drew anderson i was a resident of san francisco for 35 years and we had commercial photography over in the american can company building for a long time and we may be leasing there again currently down in pacifica and so i am very familiar with this and i love the
the number but have us maintain or in crease the numbers. >> commissioner antonini? >> yeah. i just wanted to say in reference to this, and many projects, square footage alone does not totally describe the situation. and as was the house that we lived in in dental school and we have a lot of square feet, but the lower unit was not a functional one and the bathroom and the toilet part of the bathroom was separated from the washing facilities by two different rooms and the ceilings were too low and the cost to make that into a unit. and unless it was treated as one house and i think that you have to look at one individual and so i think in this case we have dysfunctionalty each though the staff did not say that they were totally dysfunctional. >> just to clarify that motion was to not take the dr and approve the project as proposed. >> antonini. >> aye. >> borden. >> no. >> hillis. >> aye. >> moore. >> no. >> sugaya. >> no. >> commissioner. wu. >> no. >> president fong? >> aye. >> that motion fails commissioners, 3-4, with commissioners borden, moore, sugaya and wu, voting against. >> is the
in denying a conditional use permit of pet food express in the marina, after attending many meet, speaking directly to the pet food express own e we have concluded this business is not something that the maer chant's agreement can agree with, we feel the merchants have spoken and we are asking support from you on this issue. sincerely, mike [inaudible], the secretary of the mma, myself, nick david son of the mma and alex, our past president from the marina merchant's association. >> good afternoon, commissioner, my name is keith jerdano and i have resigned? the marina far years, in our planning code regarding formula retail state, the formula retail in the commercial business areas if not monitored and regulated will have a diverse retail base with distinct retail and personalities compromised with a mix of businesses, pet food express's conditional use application would be a complete disregard of the section, pet food express has attempted to paint a picture of a general local business merely trying to serve the community and serve animal welfare, pet food express purposefully utilizing t
of a big differentiation factor in developing this. so, as far as creating access to the public, using the open data sets, and creating exposure to neighborhoods that you probably traditionally didn't even think were there, we realized there were 1200 different facilities all through the park -- all through the city as we were going out to explore. and upon our own discovery, and i being a local native, i didn't know about 800 of them. so, as we move forward into the future, taking this, working with some other departments like san francisco arts, we're creating access for people, creating efficiency with the government being able to manage transactions, creating a platform for people to actually interact with the city on a level that hasn't been done before. so, ideally, using the san francisco rec and park, the future san francisco arts app, using our mobile commerce to manage that is creating jobs, revenue, and efficiency for the public and tourists to be able to navigate san francisco in a way that hasn't been done before. thank you. >> all right. (applause) >> so, we're going to s
counting. i look forward in entertaining a conversation that we will be able to have about using this funds making an investment in the community (clapping) we make investments all around the world with this fund why not no our own neighborhood; right? really putting our money where our mouth is. okay. i told might have i wasn't going to cry i am facilitated with emotion. we are bringing arts and cultural to third street and uplifting our artists and the works they produce and honor the historic legacy that the african-american community has made to the bay point community. this is a remarkable events here. it's focusing itself right here on this part of san francisco and, yes there will be growing pains but we will persevere. (clapping) now i'm to go back on script so i can remain composed. this project was composed before i was here but i know how much the jobs of affordable housing how much is means to us here in the community and how much it will mean to have open space and parks are well taken place of. it is the physical manifestation of request years of dedication by the community a
>> eric: thanks for joining us. >> jamie: have a great day, everybody. >>> saving hannah. the week long search for a missing california teenager coming to an end. the 16-year-old rescued by fbi agents at a remote carbon monoxidcamp site inidaho. we'll have a live update on this developing story all throughout the show. >>> and irs mess. just when you thought things couldn't get worse, news the agency is still targeting conservative groups and that it could create a massive security breach trying to keep up with obama care. >>> what happened to baseball? what drug scandals and some see as lax punishment is doing to america's pass time. all that and a story you might not believe. a california surfer who is living large thanks to food stamps funded by you. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters live starts from the nation's capitol right now. >>> we begin with the very latest on hannah anderson, the california teen who went missing last week after the bodies of her mother and brother were discovered in a burning home. hannah was found alive and reportedly physically unharmed w
's conversations on cnn.com or go to itunes and check out our podcast. join us again next sunday at 11:00 a.m. eastern. candy crowley agains right now. >>> she is alive and apparently physically unharmed, hannah anderson, the object of a week-long multistate search has been found. the man suspected of kidnapping her and killing her mother and brother has been shot dead in idaho. we will have the latest. >>> also today, hard ball on the field and in the east room, the republican tight spot cornered by constituents in town hall meetings. >> in five sentences or less can we depend upon you to vote against any budget bill that includes funding for the implementation of obamacare. >> please do. >> pressed by the president at his bully pulpit. >> the idea that you would shut down the government unless you prevent 30 million people from getting health care is a bad idea. >>> prelude to september's divide. if you said health if you said the health care bill they loath or shut down the government? what's a republican to do? our sunday exclusive with rnc chairman reince priebus. then -- >> given the
was that he took this brazen attack in the middle of the afternoon inside a crowded mall. >> police tell us the victim was not badly injury, but is obviously pretty shaken up. gray is now facing a number of charges including robbery, theft and assault. now to a situation we've been closely monitoring in baltimore county. businesses and residents fed up with destructive teens near the putty hill skate land. the violence usually happens at closing time on saturday nights. let's get to don champion who is live at the rink right now. >> no problems as of yet. you can see that the rink has let out for the night. i can tell you we have seen increase in the number of security guards out here, and also we've seen a number of officers patrolling the parking lot here. one thing is for sure, now that baltimore county officials have stepped in on the problems that have been happening here, neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief. >> that leads nowhere. >> cell phone video shows the weekly hassle neighbors of skate land have dealt with. droves and drefs of teens pouring out of the popular venue and too
helps us out, taking us step by step along their path and explained how they turned a clever creation made of construction paper and scotch tape into a multimillion dollar business. turning an idea into a marketable profit can seem as simple as a spin of a when will on a child's board game. joanne brewer and christy sterling didn't even seem like players. >> this was the first time we ever did this. it was just a completely new adventure for us. it was just out of our own experience with our daughter. >> they were going into sixth grade and wanted to decorate their locker and there wasn't a lot of cute stuff out there. and so christy went to work and came up with some concepts and here we are. >> it was things i clued together in my kitchen at the table. this was an example of a little bin that was basically just cardboard paper that i grewed together. >> their daughters loved these homemade school locker decorations and so did their friends. >> the phone started ringing from other parents saying, where did you get that stuff? we want it. how do we get it? and we realized there's a ma
times the newsstand price without using an ounce of ink." kindred tells that steve coll, 11 years later, they have a retreat on the eastern shore and he has a proposal for "the post" to put their arms around the internet and nothing happens. the line was in 2003 "washingtonpost.com still came off as your grandpa's newspaper taped to the computer screen." that has changed, colby. >> it has changed, but it took a long time to get there. i have, from my place in annapolis, i had an outbreak, nonelectric royal -- operate, nonelectric royal typewriter. that was the means by whh we communicated to the public good today -- public. today, we have this which allows us to speak to everyone around the globe, take interest instantaneously, and create newsprint that is filed within seconds. newspapers are not obsolete, but they have change the way in which they deliver information to people. tastes have changed. some people do not read comics anymore. your publication does not even produce comics. >> we have a pulitzer prize winning cartoonist. >> we get our comics from fox news and msnbc. >> i re
. >> thank you for joining us. for the next 30 minutes we investigate exposing issues uncovering corruption and holding the powerful accountable. we begin with an investigation that exposed major problems with one of the nation's largest food distributors. problems after our hidden cameras uncovered secret storage places. we discovered major violations of state health code. the investigative unit taking you undercover. you'll see where we found food, raw meat, milk and other perishables sold to restaurants. investigative reporter vicky wynn has the picture, and video that forced the state to move in. >> reporter: don't eat before you swim. that's what mom and dad used to say. but at this san jose swim center, the source of the food could be the problem. for weeks now we've kept cameras on these outdoor unrefrigerated sheds across northern california. they're rented by cisco corporation. if you've ever dined out, you've probably eaten cisco food. cisco provides food to 400,000 clients worldwide, from hospitals to hotels. >> every type of food that you can think of. >> reporter: how is that f
to break bread and see if we can find some common ground. i think it will help the party ton have us feuding. >> i'm running for re-election in new jersey. i don't really have time for that at the moment. you know, if i find myself down in washington, i'll certainly look him up. but i don't suspect i'll be there anytime soon. >> okay. well, if republicans don't get their act together pretty soon, can they capture a majority in the senate and win back the white house? joining me now is shawn spicer, communications director for the republican national committee. dana loesch, who is a talk radio host and tea party activist. and matt welsh, who's editor in chief of "reason," and he's also author of the book "the declaration of independence: how libertarianism politics can fix what's wrong with america." great to have all you guys here today. [ applause ] and shawn, i know you're shawn spicer. i know that anyway. but let me start with you. republicans are fighting right now, particularly in the house and senate, over whether or not to defund obama care, even if it means shutting down sign
them visas to the u.s. now comes obama's cancellation of their meeting in moscow next month. the white house cited a lack of progress on issues from missile defense to trade, to global security and human rights. then of course, there is the snowden question. president obama said he was disappointed by the russian asylum decision and less like he added -- >> there have been times when they slip back into cold war thinking and a cold war mentality. what i consistently say to president putin is that is the past. we've got to think about the future. >> i think putin has deliberately decided to poke obama in the eye. even before snowden, this was not a happy relationship. maybe something went wrong when they met at the g-8 summit. this has been a deliberate act decided by the kremlin. do not believe any of the russian stuff about low-level officials have taken the decision. >> his election campaign last year was marked by a series of mass protests in moscow and other major cities. his reaction, according to human rights watch, was to introduce curbs on public demonstrations and a wider defi
we were actually below. you know the guys who got us involved in the whole crisis to begin with? of -- weguys who kind have a value proposition problem. we need to position ourselves as said if you want to solve some the big issues, we are the profession that can do it. we have to look at it in a different way. it would've to look in the value of collective change. yes, we are all individual firms. at collectively, if it is not natural, it is billed by an architect. we can make these changes together. value ofok at the tangible benefits. do not talk to communities about design strategies or ideas. talk to them about impact. how we have made a difference area changed the conversation for what would the deliver to what we are going to build. look at sustained growth. this 20 years of houston. we'll look collectively, yes, we are building a building. we are transforming the natural environment through our work. we need to look at a broader scale of the impact we are making area -- making. we have to look at the value of honoring our own. when you have made an impact to communities
and exposed a critical gap in drug safety in america. as commissioner of the f.d.a. then, you can't tell us that every drug being used in the united states is safe and effected. >> no, i really cannot. >> stahl: she is the fifth richest self-made billionaire woman in the world. she's pointing out her building. with her partner husband, she has built more of beijing than almost any emperor in china's history. >> china produced more self-made billionaires than any other country in the world. >> stahl: while xin's fortune has been made on office buildings, china may be sitting on a residential and retail real estate bubble. where is the proof? we found what are known as "ghost cities." look at these brand new towers with no residents, desolate condos and vacant subdivisions uninhabited for miles and miles and miles. tonight, two stories that provide a rare window into china. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm leslie stahl. >> i'm morley safer. >> i'm bob simon. >> i'm lara logan. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories tonight on "60 minutes." [ male announcer ] it's time. time to have new experiences with
and the organizations that are using consuming this data to turn them into real value. that is something that is very significant priority for the administration and that's why the president launched an open data initiative to support. >> let me dig a little more on the federal side. can you talk a little more about the work that you specifically are doing and sort of, you know, how the department of energy when it became interested in open data, what is available right now? >> there is so much available for start-ups right now. it's hard to choose a few favorites. wow, i can tell you what some of the best ones that people have told me are the most popular so that will be like many other things in the start-up world, it's not the government that is going to come up with the answer. it's partners working together to find the solution. so, one data set that comes to mind, i want to do a show of hands. i get this question a lot in terms of how much of the work is getting out there. how many of you have ever heard of the green button, a green button? most of the panelists and audience members. it's a goo
♪ you make me so very happy >>> good evening and thanks for joining us here on a sunday night. we do begin with new details this evening after that dramatic end to a week-long manhunt through several states in the west. the search for a man who abducted a teenager after targeting her family, ending in the idaho wilderness. blackhawk haelicopters carrying the s.w.a.t. team. gathering some 2 1/2 hours from where they thought the suspect was, hiding with that young girl. armed and ready to quietly move in. and tonight, 16-year-old hannah anderson is free, reunited with her father. abc's ryan owens this evening on the moment authorities knew they had to act fast. >> hannah's coming home. >> reporter: hannah anderson is being reunited with her father tonight, in no small part thanks to these horse back riders. >> she did appear frightened. >> reporter: around noon wednesday, they spotted the 16-year-old and her accused kidnapper. family friends james dimaggio. thursday night, one of those riders, a retired sheriff's deputy, reported that sighting to authorities. >> and the amber alert
and i'm going to take care of you. >> such a close call. ginger back with us tonight. and just astounding the numbers rising, the water. >> reporter: right. this is a river gauge we found. just south and east of that area. i have to show you it, david. less than 15 minutes, this thing jumps more than ten feet. at its peak, 13 feet and goes down almost as quickly. thes sense of flash flood right there. >> we start a new week with a similar system in the same place. >> reporter: right. now we're talking about the plains. starting tomorrow, flash flood advisories, watches goes up in northeastern oklahoma and nor northwestern arkansas. this is an area that got slammed last week. also, colorado springs area, even as we speak, flood advisory. >> all right, ginger zee, thank you. >>> in connecticut tonight, the bolds of the two youngest victims after that small plan crash into a neighborhood have been recovered. 1-year-old madison mitchell and her 13-year-old sister sade were together in their home when that plane hit. a huge part of the home gone there. the wing of the plane. the inv
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